The Most Popular Table Games in New Zealand Casinos

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Table games are interesting because you are in control. You can plan and improve your odds, and that is what earns your money. Unlike slotting machines where a player only waits for good luck, strategy and problem-solving skills can make you challenging for your opponents. There are numerous table games you can play and win money in inland casinos. However, it does not mean that you cannot play online; they are also available online. Let’s take a look at the most popular table games in New Zealand casinos. From this, you can select the one that interests you most and start gaming immediately.


Blackjack is the most common table game in casinos. Your aim should be to get a hand that adds up to twenty-one. Anything above that is a lost game. When your hand is lower than twenty-one, it has to be greater than that of your dealer. There are numerous versions of blackjack. The easiest way is to master is by starting with the classic variant, which is available in almost all online casinos. If your hand is 21, the winning price is always equal to the stake, although some casinos provide higher rates.


Roulette is a typical casino table game and a classic favourite. The dealer drops the ball on a rolling wheel. A player’s task is to guess the partition that the ball will land. You are free to pick a number or a colour, or if the number will be even or odd. You can increase your odds by choosing other possible combinations, such as red and even. There are lots of strategies in the game, such as Fibonacci, Martingale, and many more. I suggest that you start with Martingale if you are a newbie because it is the most straightforward betting system when learning roulette.


In this card game, the best hand is 9, and therefore, the player whose hand is closest to 9 wins. You are free to either bet on the banker or the player. When you opt for the player’s hand and win, your stake doubles at a ratio of 1:1; alternatively, if you choose to bet on the banker and turn out successful, you will only get ninety-five per cent of your stake. The latter option is commonly known as house advantage. Same as blackjack, you can use various strategies to increase your odds. For instance, some tables have a tie bet. If you are an experienced baccarat player, you surely understand that the chances of a tie are small. Always avoid it.

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Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is a type of poker that gives the player control over the outcome. You decide on your Ante bet before the dealer issues you with three cards. After getting the cards, you still have to decide whether to continue with the game, fold, match the Ante bet, or forfeit the Ante bet altogether. If your hand is greater than the dealer’s hand, you win the payout and ante bets. However, if the dealer’s hand is better, only the Ante bet wins. The rest of the stake returns to the player. Three Card Poker’s rules are simple to understand and give you a say on the outcome. That is great, especially when you run out of good luck.

Texas Hold’em Poker

The most popular poker variant in New Zealand casinos is Texas Hold’em. Its only downside is that you have to be there in person to play it. The dealer issues players with two cards in a game. The players’ aim should be to have the highest hand possible. Apart from the two cards, there will be five community cards on the table that you can use. In each round, you can choose to maximize, fold, check or call a bet. When you check, it means that you are not staking more, while a fold is when you want out because your cards are not as good as other players. When a round ends, the remaining players will have to disclose their cards. The person with the highest hand, or the highest card combination, wins.

In Texas Hold’em Poker, there are no bankers. Your only competitors are the other players. Texas Hold’em Poker can be so challenging to learn and play. Apart from understanding the odds or the chances of you making a great hand, you will have to do mind-reading of other players. You will also have to look for signs from their faces and behaviour and then decide if their hand is stronger or are simply bluffing. Of all table games, Texas Hold’em Poker is the most exciting but challenging one to master. You can learn online or with real players. You also choose its variants in online casinos, where you play against a dealer.


You will find all these games in both online and inland casinos in New Zealand. Except for a few, the rules are easy to learn, and you can use strategies to improve your odds. It would be best if you understood that there are limits when it comes to placing a bet. If you are a newbie, select one that allows you to bet small and increase your stakes while you master the game.

The Most Popular Table Games in New Zealand Casinos
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